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Girls Shorts and Girls Pants

Girls love to play and we’ve got a selection of girls shorts and girls pants that are sure to please! Our girls sweatpants are available with an open bottom leg or a cinched bottom leg—because girls love to have options! Our girls shorts are available in a variety of styles, colors and lengths. Our girls play shorts are available in a variety of colors and perfect for active wear. Our girls shorts are also available in Bermuda style with a fun contrasting drawstring. So shop our collection of girls shorts and girls pants— you’ll love the durability and your girls will love the stylish comfort!
Learn more about Hanes Girls Pants & Shorts.
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PurpleCactusFlower CoolMeBlue Black
$12.00 $9.99
SpeedDashCoolMeBlue SpeedDashPinkExtreme BlackPinkExtreme SpeedDashBlack
$15.00 $10.99
SpeedDashCoolMeBlue Black
$15.00 $9.99
Black PurpleThora LightSteel Amaranth Navy
$10.00 $6.99
Black White
$10.00 $5.99
PurpleCrush Amaranth Black ProcessBlue
$10.00 $5.99
LightSteel Amaranth HanesNavy Black
$10.00 $5.99
Amaranth White HanesNavy Black
$10.00 $5.99
Showing all 8 items